A Librarian's Guide to Working in New York

Filled with challenges and opportunities... diverse and at times overwhelming... that's how many library professionals describe working in New York City and Westchester County. This metropolitan area of more than 16 million people is home to hundreds of libraries of every description. This includes many specialty libraries that are truly one-of-a-kind. On the other end of the spectrum, the New York City Public Library is among the largest and most influential library networks in the world. The range of professional opportunities available here is, to say the least, unparalleled.

The scope of library operations here means that this area consistently attracts the most experienced and innovative industry professionals. The professional opportunities for librarians are exciting and diverse. There truly is something for everyone.

While this environment offers many opportunities, there are also some unique challenges. The New York metropolitan area is among the most expensive communities in America - for everything from housing to entertainment.

In addition, the outstanding caliber of the library organizations in the METRO service area require many library professionals here to continually upgrade their skills and adopt the new technologies quickly to remain competitive.

Then, of course, there is New York. This city and the surrounding area has been a chosen destination for millions of professionals in many industry sectors for years. The size and pace of New York can be overwhelming. For both new arrivals and old timers, having a resource to help you build professional and personal connections is a tremendous advantage.

METRO can help...

METRO services support professionals in this area in many ways that can make both careers and personal time more rewarding:

  • Professional development programs, including educational seminars, self-paced tutorials and online Webinars. Through METRO you can take advantage of learning opportunities designed to help you handle your current professional responsibilities and prepare to take your next step forward in your career.
  • Networking opportunities. Getting ahead is based on much more than "who you know" but meeting the right people never hurt anyone's career! Through METRO, you will have many opportunities to interact with other leaders from the field - people who can help you to identify and pursue new professional opportunities at any level.
  • Updates and news on industry issues. Through our e-newsletter, the METRO Web site, events with industry leaders and other communications channels, METRO continually brings you the news you need to stay in the lead in the world's largest and most competitive library community.
Each year, many people tell us that METRO helped them to meet and develop both professional and personal friendships that have made life and work in New York easier and better in many ways. For anyone interested in a career in library operations or management, METRO is here to help.

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