A Letter from Tom Nielsen, METRO's Member Services Manager

140128_2537_barnett.jpgTo our myMETRO members:

Several recent conversations I've had with members and colleagues have focused on job searching and its frustrations. Let's face it: it's an employer's market, and although some position descriptions ask candidates for more and offer less, the resumes fly in anyway. There's plenty of advice available on standing out in your job search, but you can work proactively to establish connections with potential employers by requesting an informational interview.  

As part of my job, I visit libraries applying for METRO membership, so I meet and talk with managers of libraries large and small. A mini informational interview, if you will.  I ask them about the materials in their collection, staff size, services they offer and what challenges they are facing. The intent of my visit is different from what yours might be, but the information gathered is quite similar. And most have projects they have to set aside due to shifting priorities, something you wouldn't know unless you asked them. 

If you'd like to request an informational interview at a METRO member library, start with smaller institutions. They're off the beaten path, and a visit from you is likely to be memorable. Take a look at our Member Directory and identify some that interest you. Contact me if you'd like to set up a visit to get to know more about them. Hopefully, gainful work will result, but in the meantime you will have broadened your network and had some meaningful professional conversations.

Best wishes,

Tom Nielsen
Member Services Manager
Metropolitan New York Library Council