METRO Launches Digital Services Study, Invites Member Participation


Last week, METRO sent out a request to all of our 250+institutional member organizations to participate in an important study we are conducting to assess members' current activities and future plans in the areas of digitization, digital collection development and digital preservation. Information about the current status of digital programs will be collected via an online survey. The survey also includes a section to provide input on which current METRO programs are valuable to members, and what other types of programs and training members would like us to consider offering.


METRO last surveyed members about their digitization activities and needs back in 2006. An updated picture of our members will help us to more effectively tailor METRO offerings in the area of Digital Services.

Specifically, METRO will use the results of this study to:

  • provide an environmental scan of member practices with respect to digitization, digital collection development, and digital preservation

  • identify needs of our members that METRO can address via training, new programs, and services

  • identify grant opportunities to help us meet member needs

To conduct this study we have contracted with outside consultants Liz Bishoff of the Bishoff Group LLC and Tom Clareson of LYRASIS to assist in creating the survey instrument, administering the survey and compiling results. All results will be tallied by LYRASIS and will be kept confidential, so findings will only be publicly reported on an aggregate basis. 


Once the results are compiled, we plan to distribute the findings of this study in a report that will provide both a basis for comparison for where individual members are situated within the local continuum, as well as how the METRO community as a whole fits into the national picture.

In addition, we will be carefully analyzing the findings as well as feedback gathered regarding the role that METRO should play in serving members' Digital Services needs.  From that information we will make available a separate report analyzing implications and outlining potential next steps on the part of METRO to address those needs.

How Your Institution Can Participate

To collect an accurate snapshot of our membership, we are asking that each institution submit only one response to the survey. METRO Executive Director, Jason Kucsma, sent invitations to directors at METRO member institutions via email last week. If you are involved in digital program activities at one of our member institutions and you have not heard anything about this survey to please check with your library/archive administrators.

A high response rate will help us gain a clearer picture of our members' needs in order to better serve the METRO community. Higher participation will also help us paint a more comprehensive picture of the range of digital program activities going on in the LAM community across New York City and Westchester. Please be assured that all member institutions’ comments and opinions are vital, regardless of the current state of the institution’s digital program. 

We are hoping METRO member institutions will not need to be persuaded of the value of participating in this study, but to further encourage members to complete the survey we are providing a little added incentive. From the survey respondents, METRO will draw two institution names to receive $200 in credit for your staff to attend METRO professional development workshops and/or special events.
If you have not heard about this survey and you are based at one of our member organizations, please check with your director for more information. The deadline for completing the online METRO Digital Programs Survey is Friday, October 5th.

Please contact Digital Services Manager, Anne Karle-Zenith, with any questions you might have.