New Library of Congress Initiative Highlights Digital Preservation Resources, Education

I just received some information about a  Digital Preservation Outreach and Education (DPOE) initiative at the Library of Congress that might be of interest to readers. According to the site, DPOE aims to "foster national outreach and education to encourage individuals and organizations to actively preserve digital content." To accomplish this, DPOE will be focusing on the following core activities: 

  • Define education needs: develop and conduct a Needs Assessment Survey to determine the digital preservation needs that the DPOE initiative should address
  • Review existing curricula: perform an environmental scan and analysis of current digital preservation curricula to identify current components, missing modules, and priorities for development.
  • Define core principles: define core principles, fundamentals, and components of DPOE curriculum using the results of the Needs Assessment Survey as a guide.
  • Build an instructor base: devise a train-the-trainer workshop, and develop other tools and services for digital preservation instructors.
  • Evaluate delivery options: consider current and potential delivery mechanisms for education programs (e.g., online, on site) and recommend priorities for the next two years.
  • Develop outreach materials: design outreach materials addressing multiple audience levels as identified on the DPOE Pyramid diagram below, using core principles, the Needs Assessment Survey and the education calendar as guides.

View a PDF overview of the activities here, or visit the site

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