New Cultural Tech Meetup Group to Convene in NYC

After a recent installment of our Digital Services News, I received a note from Leala Abbot (Senior Digital Content Analyst at the Metropolitan Museum of Art) about a new Cultural Tech Meetup group she's co-convening. The group's inaugural meeting is June 17 at 7:30pm at Donnybrook. Here are some details from the profile page: 

About Us:
NY Cultural Tech is a cross-disciplinary group for practicing technologists (coders, info architects, developers) who are focused on the advancement of emerging technologies from within the domains of public knowledge (government, museums, libraries, educational institutions, non-profits and other outwardly focused for-profits).

What we do:
We meet semi-monthly to share what we’ve been working on, coding, or more importantly playing with, to learn from one another, and to enjoy a good stiff drink after work. These are relaxed, cross-collaborative, “get-togethers” and we encourage everyone to bring their laptops and their imaginations as we pool together the brightest minds from across disciplines to refine existing ideas and execute new ones.

What we're into:
information architecture (ontologies, taxonomies, metadata), semantic web, UX, UI, development, programming, data-mining, database management and other information exchange technologies

We host three basic types of events:

  • Socials: where we all get together under one roof, talk shop and drink beverages
  • Education Intensives: where we all get together to learn something
  • Project labs: where we all get together and work on a specific project

Keep up with all the members of the group via the NY Cultural Tech Twitter List



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