Planning and Managing Digital Library and Archives Projects comes to METRO with @acocciolo

2011-03-14_1621 METRO is pleased to welcome Anthony Cocciolo, Assistant Professor at Pratt Institute School of Information and Library Science, to the METRO Training Center on March 23 for our "Planning and Managing Digital Library and Archives workshop. The workshop is part of our yearly workshops on essential skills for building digital colllections. Read more about the workshop below and register here.

Is building a digital collection enough? What comes next? How do we guarantee long-term access? Can we afford to do this? These and other issues will be considered in this workshop designed for both librarians and archivists interested in creating or maintaining digitization projects within their institutions. The first part of the workshop will be dedicated to establishing a purpose, perspective and strategy for your digital project so that it has the best chances for community impact and success. How will your digital collection be made meaningful and interesting to patrons? What learning goals motivate your effort? What about born-digital material? The second part will be dedicated to establishing a solid technical, organizational and resource infrastructure needed for the successful execution and maintenance of your digital project. This section will cover issues such as long-range budgeting and funding, ensuring technical elements as well as human resource infrastructure, adopting sensible standards, and ensuring legal and ethical compliance. And lastly, the course will conclude with strategies for evaluating your digital project for its efficacy.

Who should attend:
Librarians, archivists, and students interested in launching or maintaining digitization projects

By the end of this program, participants will:

  • Be able to develop a strategy for a successful digital project
  • Have the necessary information to evaluate their technical, organizational, and resource infrastructure for digital project readiness and make adjustments to ensure readiness.
  • Be able to evaluate their digital project for effectiveness
  • Be able to make legal and ethical judgments related to digitization
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