On QR Codes and Academic Libraries in C&RL News

For those of you curious about either what a QR code is, whether we've reach a point of mainstream use of QR codes, or if there's any place for them in academic libraries, the article "QR Codes and Academic Libraries" by Robin Ashford in the November issue of College and Research Libraries News may have some answers for you. Here's an excerpt:

There are several reasons to believe this may be the time to prepare for mainstream use of QR codes in the United States, and for academic institutions and libraries to start implementing this technology. The number of smartphones and Internet-enabled cell phones in this country is increasing rapidly. Marketing data says we should expect smartphones to be in the hands of half of all U.S. mobile users by the end of 2011. As handsets change, so do the ways we use these devices. Remember when students used to walk around campuses with their ears glued to their cell phones? Now we see them walking and texting. Voice has become less relevant, and the focus has transitioned to data.

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