Table of Contents

Part I – Small is Beautiful:  Planning and Implementing Digitization Projects with Limited Resources
  • DIY Digitization: Creating a Small-scale Digital Zine Exhibit
  • Digitizing Civil Rights: An Omeka-based Pilot Digital Presence for the Queens College Civil Rights Archive.
  • Digitization on a Dime: How a Small Library and a Big Team of Volunteers Digitized 15,000 Obituaries in Just Over a Year.
  • Building the ALBA Digital Library.
  • Digitization and Access of Louisiana Oral Histories: One Oral History Center’s Experience in the Digital Realm...
  • Digitizing a Newspaper Clippings Collection: a Case Study and Framework for Small-Scale Digital Projects.
  • METRO Grant Success Story: Waterways of New York Project
Part II – A Diverse Digital Landscape: Digital Collections in Public Libraries, Museums, Cultural Heritage Institutions, and Knowledge-Based Organizations
  • Managing Rights in a Medium Scale Audio Digitization Project
  • The In-House Digital Laboratory: Possibilities and Responsibilities
  • Building a Virtual Library – A Case Study at The Library of The Jewish Theological Seminary 
  • Local Objects, Local People, Local History: Creating the Wisconsin Decorative Arts Database
  • Digitizing the Rare Book Collection of the Leo Baeck Institute
  • The Caprons of Paris: A Digitization Project in a Small Library System   
  • The Mass. Memories Road Show: A State-Wide Scanning Project
  • Picturing the Museum: Education and Exhibition at the American Museum of Natural History
Part III – The Digital Campus: Digitization in Universities and Their Libraries
  • Developing an Institutional Repository at Southern New Hampshire University: Year One
  • Digitization of the Yale Daily News Historical Archive
  • New Jersey Digital Legal Library
  • Pratt Institute: A Historical Snapshot of Campus and Area
  • Scaling Back for an “Experimental” Collection
  • From Confusion and Chaos to Clarity and Hope: Reorganization of Work Flows, Processes, and Delivery for Digital Libraries
  • Digitizing Colorado State University’s Historic Photograph Collection: A Case Study
  • Entering the Digitization Universe: One Catalog Librarian’s Experience at an Academic Library
  • From Argentina to Zambia: Capturing the Digital A to Z’s of a Child Art Collection
  • Special Collections, Digitization, and the Classroom: A New Model
Part IV – One Plus One is Greater Than Two: Collaborative Projects
  • Digital Treasures: The Evolution of a Digital Repository in Massachusetts 
  • Collaborative Digitization Goes Local
  • Picturing the Past and Planning for the Future: Central Florida Memory 
  • Apollo 13.0: Digitizing Astronaut Jack Swigert’s Apollo Documents 
  • Collaborative-Centered Digital Curation: A Case Study at Clemson University Libraries 
  • The Craft Revival Project: Library Leadership in Creating Connections between Small Cultural Institutions.
  • Hudson River Valley Heritage: A Journey in Collaborative Digitization
  • Collaborating for Success: A Cross-Departmental Digitization Project
  • Using Omeka to Build Digital Collections: The METRO Case Study