OITP Seeks Examples: Participatory Librarianship ---> Participatory Media

The Office for Information Technology Policy is seeking examples of programs where libraries are engaging community members to become active participatory media makers (my usage, not theirs). The request for examples is copied in its entirety here:

The Office for Information Technology Policy (OITP) at the ALA Washington Office is working on a policy brief on the evolving newspaper industry and the implications for libraries.  In a number of communities, the ability of newspapers to provide local community information is declining.  At the same time, informal sources of local information are rapidly increasing.  What are libraries doing to foster improved access to community information in the context of these changes?  We seek specific examples in your communities.  Some of the submitted examples might be included in the published policy brief.

Examples are being sought for the following: 

  • Empowering patrons to create their own news and media at the grassroots level.  Such endeavors might include enhancing patrons’ skills in creating do-it-yourself forms of media using technology tools and resources available at the library
  • Generating news-like content via community documentation projects hosted at a library
  • Partnering with other like-minded organizations to create news collectives, non-profits, or citizen journalism projects
  • Or other similar initiatives 

Please email your recommendations to Sarah Roberts at robert50@Illinois.edu and Alan Inouye at ainouye@alawash.org.

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