New York Academy of Medicine RFP for Grey Lit Project

Readers might be interested in this recent RFP from the New York Academy of Medicine:

The New York Academy of Medicine (NYAM) Library is soliciting a developer to build or customize a database with both administrative and presentation interfaces for its open access index publication, The Grey Literature Report ( Our objectives are to offer an improved and smoother, more interactive experience for our external users, as well as for our Library staff who produce the Grey Literature Report (GLR).

Key issues:

  • Budget. A detailed budget should be included in all proposals. Budget should be as granular as possible.
  • Hosting. Although we welcome hosting proposals, they must be clearly separate from the general development proposal. We are looking for a portable product that has the capability of being hosted by an economic hosting solution. We would prefer a hosting solution that allows us to contract and pay upfront for a longer time period rather than requiring a monthly fee.
  • Ownership. As the outcome of this project will be software customized to suit the workflow of the NYAM Library and the GLR, the NYAM Library must own this software in its working and finished forms, and would prefer that it follow the open source model.
  • Documentation and Comments. Appropriate and sufficient documentation and commenting of the source code for use by future developers and by others who may wish to implement the software for their own purposes will be required.
  • Portability. We are seeking a solution that is relatively simple to install and configure, for future host migrations and the creation of sandboxes for future updates.
  • Timeliness. We are looking for a short turnaround time. Please include a timeline and expected completion date with your proposal.

Read the entire RFP here: