Fundamental Drupal: Hands-On Training at METRO in July

2345395253_594c60a52e_oAre you interested in learning your way around one of the most popular, stable, and internationally-supported open source Content Management Systems? METRO is pleased to welcome Eric Goldhagen from OpenFlows Community Technology Lab to the METRO Training Center in July  for a two-day, hands-on Drupal workshop. Through four discrete modules, participants will receive training on the fundamental concepts, terminology, and skills needed to install, configure, and maintain a simple website using Drupal.

NOTE:  Participants are not expected to have a foundation in PHP or database work. All work will be done via the Drupal administrative interface; no writing of PHP code will be necessary, although some code snippets will be discussed, explained and used as part of the exercises. This workshop is intended for those with some familiarity with Drupal, but no previous site creation or management is presumed.

When: July 7 & 14 from 10am-4pm
Cost: $75 for METRO and myMETRO members; $150 for non-members
Information and registration:
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