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Spring Catalog ThumbnailBecause Innovation Doesn't Take Vacation ... METRO announces Summer Schedule

As mentioned earlier this year, METRO's Course Catalogs are now being distributed electronically for instant access to the information you need and quick links for easy online registration.The interactive Summer 2010 METRO Course Catalog is now available for your review, featuring 15 workshops, webinars, and tours. Summer opportunities include a hands-on Drupal workshop, using LibGuides for library web publishing, a 4-part webinar series called "Trending," and more! View the complete catalog here (http://bit.ly/metrosu10) or see the list of digitization and emerging technology classes/events/webinars below.

Introducing: Trending, The METRO Webinar Series

image via @johanl on FlickrThis Summer, METRO presents four webinars highlighting innovation in libraries. Trending, brings practitioners to the table to discuss projects, best practices, and case studies for improving library services through technology. The Summer installment of the series includes the following opportunities to learn about what's new in library and information services. Click the title for individual session registration or sign up for all four (at a discounted price) here: http://bit.ly/dgjZXM.

Leveraging the Cloud: Cloud Computing and Its Impact on Library Services
Scott Sanicki, Princeton Public Library
Friday, June 18, 2010 -- 1:00 pm to 2:00 pm

Expanding the Digital Library Program Within the Institution: Turning Curators into Web Publishers
Joanna DiPasquale, Columbia University Libraries
Monday, June 21, 2010 -- 1:00 pm to 2:00 pm

Mobile Site Generation for Libraries
Chad Haefele, University of N. Carolina, Chapel Hill
Friday, July 16, 2010 -- 1:00 pm to 2:00 pm

Libraries and the Mobile Web
Ellyssa Kroski, Barnard College Library
Monday, August 16, 2010 -- 10:00 am to 11:00 am

New Digital Services Advisory Council Convened

On May 28, 2010, METRO convened the first meeting of a new Digital Services Advisory Council. The Council -- currently chaired by ILS Librarian at NYU Libraries, William Jones -- combines the charges of the recently-retired Information Systems and Digitization Advisory Councils. The Council is charged with:

  • advising METRO on the development of digital services and digital initiatives planning in the region and on the use of RBDB funds for technology, including the awarding of digitization grants.
  • making recommendations for the allocation of resources toward existing and new digital services for METRO member libraries and librarians.
  • aiding METRO in identifying emerging trends, technologies, services and policies with potential to affect the library/information world and share this information with members.
  • assisting METRO in building relationships with regional and national organizations and individuals working to improve library services in digital environments.

We are fortunate to have such a tremendous group of people involved in this Council's work. Members include: John Aubry (The New School), Andrea Buchner (The Center for Jewish History), Jennifer Cohlman (Cooper-Hewitt National Design Museum Library), Lisa Genoese (New York Academy of Medicine), Karen Hanson (New York University Health Sciences Library), John Hyslop (Queens Public Library, Long Island Division), Barbara Mathé (American Museum of Natural History Library), Janet Murray (The New York Public Library), Kevin Reiss (City University of New York, Office of Library Services), Marcia Sprules (Council on Foreign Relations), and Deborah Wythe (Brooklyn Museum). METRO's Executive Director Dottie Hiebing and Emerging Technologies Manager Jason Kucsma also contribute to the Council's activity.

Collection of Digital Curation and Preservation Resources Released Last Month

METRO members interested in tracking, news, trends, best practices, and case studies in areas of digital curation and preservation may be interested in a new resource. Charles W. Bailey recently released the first version of the Digital Curation and Preservation Bibliography. According to Bailey,

This bibliography presents over 360 selected English-language articles, books, and technical reports that are useful in understanding digital curation and preservation. Most sources have been published between 2000 and the present; however, a limited number of key sources published prior to 2000 are also included. Where possible, links are provided to sources that are freely available on the Internet, including e-prints for published articles in disciplinary archives and institutional repositories. Note that e-prints and published articles may not be identical.

Access the bibliography here: http://digital-scholarship.org/dcpb/dcpb.htm

Ithaka Hosts Free Webinars on Faculty Survey

Last month we reported that Ithaka had released the results of their 2009 Faculty Survey. According to Ithaka, "This is the fourth in a series of surveys conducted over the past decade examined faculty attitudes and behaviors on key issues ranging from the library as information gateway and the need for preservation of scholarly material, to faculty engagement with institutional and disciplinary repositories and thoughts about open access." This survey also looked at the role that scholarly societies play and their value to faculty. Roger Schonfeld (Manager of Research) and Ross Housewright (Analyst) hosted three informational webinars on the survey, and those webinars are available free on the Ithaka site here (scroll to the bottom of the page for access to the webinars): http://bit.ly/dAo4gwF

Digital Collection Spotlight:
William H. Helfand Collection of Pharmaceutical Trade Cards at the New York Academy of Medicine

Each month we take a moment to share digital collections created by METRO members. Recommend a collection for the spotlight by emailing jkucsma@metro.org.

The Helfand Collection of Pharmaceutical Trade Cards comprises approximately 300 pharmaceutical trade cards produced in the US and France between 1875 and 1895. Colorful printed trade cards were used to advertise a wide range of goods in the nineteenth century; although introduced (in the mid-eighteenth century) as an ephemeral form of advertisement, they soon became collectors' items and were mass-produced in collectible 'series' comparable to those produced by sports teams in the twentieth century. They are now regarded as some of the best source material for the study of advertising, technology and trade in the post-Civil War period. The collection was donated to the Academy Library by Mr. Helfand. View the collection here: http://bit.ly/aay94d.

Submit your library's collections and view others at digitalMETRO, an online directory of digital collections created and maintained by METRO libraries.

Digitization and Emerging Tech Workshops and Events




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