The METRO Portal: A Netvibes Universe-In-Progress

3676177034_e4a852c2dd I'm in a fortunate position here at METRO in that I get the chance to talk with a lot of librarians working in very different institutions. We serve libraries and librarians in academic, public, and special libraries in New York City -- about 250 members representing over 1000 branches. And even though each library has its own challenges, there are common issues that might be well-served by a tool that helps librarians keep tabs on what other libraries are working on.

Until the technology ramps up to make it possible to dump our collective experiences and areas of expertise into a searchable database, we're left rely on conversations with each other and reading published news and information about the work we do. 

Enter the METRO portal. Using the popular RSS feed reader, Netvibes, I created a universe as an at-a-glance resource for keeping track of what libraries and librarians in New York City are thinking about, doing, and thinking about doing. The universe aggregates feeds from various new sources, blogs, and websites to provide a convenient way to keep track of hundreds of conversational threads. The portal features tabs with feeds from libraries, librarians, library organizations and groups, and related blogs.

As a universe-in-progress, the METRO portal will continue to evolve as we get feedback from users and add more content. Please comment here or email me to have additional sources added. 

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