Digitech Newsletter :: June 2009

June 2009

METRO's Summer catalog is now available online: http://bit.ly/el1Iq

LibCampNYC 2009 Just Around the Corner

In just a few days, METRO and Brooklyn College Library will host over 130 librarians for LibCampNYC -- the follow-up unconference to the 2007 Library Camp at Baruch College. The event is sold out, but you can follow the conversations on Twitter by tracking the #libcampnyc hashtag. We will also be aggregating notes, pictures, and additional resources in the LibCampNYC wiki at http://libcampnyc.pbworks.com.

Curious about what will be on the table for discussion at LibCampNYC? You're welcome to view the topic poll results at http://bit.ly/pCs3w.

METRO & Archivists' Roundtable of Metropolitan New York Team Up to Offer Archivists' Toolkit Workshop

METRO is collaborating with The Archivists Roundtable of Metropolitan New York (ART) to host this full-day workshop on the Archivists’ Toolkit™ (AT), an open source application developed for tracking and describing special collections. Learn the many advantages and added functionalities of using AT in your work. The AT incorporates integrated modules for accessioning, description, name and subject authority control, and location management and also provides customizable reports and standardized description exports such as EAD, MARCXML, and METS. Topics include: creating accession records, creating multi-level description records, linking descriptions to authority records and locations, and generating EAD finding aids.

Due to high demand for training with AT, we anticipate this workshop will reach capacity. Please register now to ensure your place: http://bit.ly/P2pe8

Digital Collection Spotlight:
Childhood in the Bronx at Lehman College

Each month we take a moment to share digital collections created by METRO member libraries. If you'd like to recommend a collection, please email information to Jason Kucsma (jkucsma_at_metro_dot_org).

This collection is based on the "Childhood in the Bronx" exhibit originally featured in the Lehman College Art Gallery from October 23 - December 14, 1986. The exhibit took four years to research and create. By using both vintage and contemporary images, along with oral history text excerpts, the exhibit focused on the experience of childhood in the Bronx from the early decades of the 20th century into the mid-1980s.

Photographer Georgeen Comerford reproduced eighteen (18) vintage children's images that spanned the period 1895-1943. These images came largely from family photograph albums loaned by interviewees participating in the Institute's oral history project. Additionally, Ms. Comerford created forty (40) of her own contemporary photographs of children from 1971-1985. Working with some three dozen Bronx organizations, she secured permission to photograph children. She also worked directly with local parents she met in public places around the Bronx. The parents gave her permission to photograph their child for inclusion in this project. We see children from infancy through their teenage years in these photographs. They are with family or friends, at play, on streets, in parks, schools, shelters, hospitals and at other locales. View the collection here: http://bit.ly/KJtf2

The Leonard Lief Library "Childhood in the Bronx" digitization project was supported in part by funds from METRO through the New York State Regional Bibliographic Databases Program.

Library 2.0 Special Interest Group to Discuss Twitter in the Library

Due to popular request, Library 2.0 SIG conveners have scheduled this informal, off-site Lib 2.0 SIG meeting to share ideas about using Twitter in libraries. Valerie Forrestal, Reference and Research Librarian at the Stevens Institute of Technology, will give a short presentation, followed by a discussion among the SIG members. Tweeters and not-yet-Tweeters are welcome!

This meeting will take place on Wednesday June 10, 2009: 10:00 AM to 12:00 PM at the Mina Rees Library of the CUNY Graduate Center at 365 5th Ave., NYC between 34th & 35th Streets

RSVP to Kathryn Shaughnessy at shaughnk@stjohns.edu or to Caroline Fuchs at fuchsc@stjohns.edu. You must bring a current photo ID to gain access to the Mina Rees Library. Please RSVP by June 9 so that a guest list can be provided to the Graduate Center security folk.

Summer Digitization and Emerging Tech Workshops and Events



  • 28 - Webinar: Information Use and Reuse in the Library: The Creative Commons Solutions. Details: http://bit.ly/1WVQw


  • 07 - Using Omeka to Build Digital Collections in Libraries and Archives. Details:http://bit.ly/WYNPA
  • 09 - Webinar: Simple Strategies and Tools for Keeping Up With Tech Trends.
    Details: http://bit.ly/zsCPr

  • 13 - Essential Wiki Master: How to Use, Install, Customize, Extend and Manage Wiki. Details: http://bit.ly/2Izsp

Add these and other related events around NY and the world to your Google Calendar by subscribing to the METRO Calendar: http://bit.ly/metrocalendar.


The best of May's Tweets from the tweetMETRO feed

  • Tracking poll results from libcampnyc attendees http://bit.ly/pCs3w

  • "What programming should a library science student learn?" http://bit.ly/KCDgU

  • RT: @LibraryJournal: Transparent Library: Reasons for Optimism http://bit.ly/35L71o advice to new graduates, and glimmers of hope

  • More background and analysis of the Google Book Search agreement http://bit.ly/k22TK

  • LibCampNYC 2009 Scout Books arrived today! http://twitpic.com/5pc6s

  • RT: @CeeBee: new visual search engine: collect results in different media formats, drag around as infinite collage: http://beta.spezify.com

  • Savvy Advocacy: Keep Your Library Open http://bit.ly/5BQSA

  • RT: @msauers: Lessig: The Solipsist and the Internet (a review of Helprin's Digital Barbarism) http://is.gd/BOsl

  • Brewster Kahle in the Washington Post on the "Google Book Grab" http://bit.ly/Ysz6D

  • UC Berkeley Collaborative Tools Strategy Development Report http://bit.ly/15YRfE

  • RT: @code4lib: Videos from code4lib '09 are online! Presentations: http://is.gd/A7lF Lightning Talks: http://is.gd/A7m0

  • "Is Google Waging a PR Campaign on Libraries?" http://bit.ly/16RplL

  • RT @dancohen: Zotero 2.0 is here! Groups, sharing, backup, sync, personal profiles, find/follow people, and much more! http://zotero.org

  • Protest at OSU over "gutting the library" sounds like teachable moment waiting to happen http://bit.ly/10Ukds

  • Materials from the Coalition for Networked Information Spring Task Force Meeting are now available online http://bit.ly/OYKQr

  • RT: @dancohen: Big news in digital repositories today: Fedora Commons and DSpace join to become DuraSpace: http://is.gd/zeha

  • Digitize the old school newspaper -- but only the good parts, please. http://bit.ly/v4HY4

  • RT: @s_francoeur: Curate a Local Calendar for Your Community http://bit.ly/WgZhL

  • Greenhill's "Why learning about emerging technologies is part of every librarians job" (via @shyviolet520) http://bit.ly/aPDQY

  • DigiMan v. Team Chaos - Our hero warns of the preservation threats to digital information in this clever animated short. http://bit.ly/ZBPEE

  • RT: @lbraun2000: WSJ on how digitizing txts led 2 finding previously undiscovered content http://bit.ly/tAPgU

  • Libraries seek stimulus money for hi-speed internet http://bit.ly/YEVlW

  • Libraries Ask Judge to Monitor Google Books Settlement http://bit.ly/dDkA2

  • Audio from the Google Books Settlement Forum at NYPL on April 27th (via Urban Libraries Council) http://bit.ly/dsxA6

  • RT: @dancohen: "Facebook and Academic Performance: Reconciling a Media Sensation with Data" deflates myth of bad grades: http://is.gd/vSyN

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