Digitech Newsletter :: May 2009

May 2009

Introducing: digitalMETRO

METRO is pleased to announce digitalMETRO, a directory of digital collections created and maintained by METRO member libraries.

digitalMETRO provides an added layer of discoverability for METRO members’ digital collections. Features include:

  • detailed records of over 100 digital library collections (and growing steadily!)
  • browsing collections by institution or searching across the directory
  • RSS feeds to track new additions
  • a contribution form for submitting your library’s collections
  • exhibits drawing connections between library collections

As an evolving project, digitalMETRO requests your help in adding more collections to the directory. Please visit http://nycdigital.org to view the directory and see how you can get involved.

Digital Dilemmas Symposium Recap

METRO would like to extend a warm thanks to all of you who participated in last week’s Digital Dilemmas Symposium. A number of post-symposium resources are now available on the METRO website, including: a summary article, slides from the presentations, links to related blog posts, the Twitter feed from the day, and photos. All of these may be accessed at: http://bit.ly/digitaldilemmas.

Digital Collection Spotlight:
Frederick Winslow Taylor at Stevens Institute of Technology

Each month we take a moment to share digital collections created by METRO member libraries. If you'd like to recommend a collection, please email information to Jason Kucsma (jkucsma_at_metro_dot_org).

Frederick Winslow Taylor (1856-1915), pioneered the application of engineering principles to shop management in the movement that came to be known as scientific management. The collection consists largely of Taylor's personal and work-related correspondence, including his communications with companies interested in implementing scientific management.

Also included are rough drafts of his major publications, translations of his works on scientific management and the cutting of metal, examples of forms developed to improve shop efficiency, glass slides of factories and offices using scientific management, articles written by Taylor on his system, and responses from readers.

Correspondents include Louis Brandeis, Morris Llewellyn Cooke, Ida Tarbell, Harvey Gantt, and the administrative officers of the American Society of Mechanical Engineers. Also included is a collection of memorial letters written by Taylor's associates after his death. Besides letters, the collection includes Taylor's work journal from Midvale Steel. View the collection here: http://bit.ly/14K9NV

Digitization Training in May includes NEW CONTENTdm and Outsourcing Digitization

On May 8, Joyce Rambo (NYLINK) will lead a full-day workshop on "How to Create Digital Collections Using CONTENTdm." This session will be conducted with CONTENTdm 5, the newest version of the collection management software. On May 13, Laurie Gemmill (Lyrasis) will lead a half-day workshop on "Outsourcing Digitization" (details: http://bit.ly/l6wY3). Gemmil is currently heading up the Lyrasis Mass Collaborative Digitization Project working to digitize collections in partnership with Internet Archive and the Alfred P. Sloan Foundation.

METRO to Offer Individual Zotero Workshops
for Libraries this Summer

Zotero is a free, easy-to-use Firefox browser extension for collecting, managing, citing, and sharing research resources. As a research management tool that allows users to take control of their data (and take it with them wherever they go), it’s easy to see why Zotero is currently recommended by hundreds of institutions around the world including MIT, Stanford, and Yale.

If you are interested in adding your library to the growing list of institutions offering Zotero to your community, METRO is offering exclusive workshops to train your librarians and staff to not only learn how to use Zotero, but to also teach library users how to take advantage of all Zotero has to offer. These 90-minute workshops will walk librarians and staff members through process of downloading, installing, and working with Zotero in your Firefox web browser to collect, organize, and cite information resources. The session will also feature case studies illustrating how Zotero can be used in your library to simplify and improve research for faculty, students, and general users.

Individual workshops with up to 25 people may be held at your library in a computer lab, or you may arrange for a private workshop at METRO’s Training Center. Please contact METRO’s Emerging Technologies Manager, Jason Kucsma, to schedule your on-site workshop: jkucsma@metro.org or 212.228.2320 ext 23

May/June Digitization and Emerging Tech Workshops and Events


  • 01 - Digital Imaging Practicum: Best Practices for Digitization, Workflow, and Image Collection Management. Details: http://bit.ly/4BPMiP

  • 08 - How to Create Digital Collections Using CONTENTdm. Details: http://bit.ly/KeSa

  • 13 - Outsourcing Digitization Workshop. Details: http://bit.ly/l6wY3

  • 19 - Using Wink Freware to Create Tutorials/Demos for Libraries. Details: http://bit.ly/1qzqZq


More June workshops will be announced in Mid-May!

Add these and other related events around NY and the world to your Google Calendar by subscribing to the techMETRO Calendar: http://tinyurl.com/techmetrocalendar. This is a partial list of events focusing on digitization and emerging technologies. For a complete list of METRO workshops and events, visit http://www.metro.org


The best of April's Tweets from the METRO's the tweetMETRO feed

  • @s_francoeur on his "Effective Chat Reference" workshop held yesterday at METRO http://bit.ly/B8jO0

  • Justice Dept. Opens Antitrust Inquiry Into Google Books Deal (NYTimes) http://bit.ly/i33mz

  • Congrats to Brooklyn Museum for winning "Best Overall" in Museums and the Web 2009 Best of the Web Awards! http://bit.ly/LSIGq

  • OCLC Announces "Quick Start" Version of OCLC WorldCat Local Service http://bit.ly/hyLjt

  • RT: @dancohen: "Digital Harlem: Everyday Life, 1915-1930," from U.of Sydney, launches. Google Maps + NYC Muni Archives: http://is.gd/tVH

  • UN's World Digital Library has 1200 resources -- roughly 683,800 items less than NYPL's Digital Gallery. Just sayin' http://bit.ly/cPT3l

  • UN's World Digital Library goes live: http://www.wdl.org/en/

  • NYPL's Barbara Taranto on the Digital Dilemmas Symposium http://bit.ly/h5qCi

  • some thoughts from @SPB about #didil09 http://bit.ly/1axpd2

  • LC Digital Preservation Newsletter for April http://bit.ly/fx5CC

  • "Exploring Digital Library Collections" during LibWeek with Finding Dulcinea http://bit.ly/16uRRi

  • RT @pewinternet 2/3 of yng adlts w/ SNS profile took part in some political actvty on sites 2008 http://tinyurl.com/d2kr4j (via @lbraun2000)

  • RT: @rww: "If web 2.0 was abt democratizing publishing, the next stage of the web may be democratizing data mining. " http://bit.ly/1PEqT

  • RT: @lbraun2000: Future of bibliographies from nypl http://bit.ly/12gyH

  • NYHeritage.org (a collaborative digital collection project) features thousands of resources from around the state http://bit.ly/mGgW

  • RT: @timoreilly: Some fascinating ideas & links about social media, storytelling, and activism, from @kanter: http://bit.ly/19fE1p

  • METRO releases 1st phase of digitalMETRO (built on @omeka). Invites libraries to add their collections! http://nycdigital.org

  • RT: @jakrose: Easily search the Smithsonian Institute's photography collection for Public Domain works (1830-1923): http://bit.ly/20laRZ

  • METRO is hosting a visit from Library Science prof today for a short meeting to talk about libraries and technology. Say hello to Dr. Chen!

  • Chat reference and more from @mprimeaux as a follow-up to yesterday's webinar by @msauers http://marketingadlibrarian...

  • Slides from @sauers "Are You a 2.0 Library" session http://tinyurl.com/dnmgn4

  • Entertainment Weekly celebrates their favorite libraries and librarians during the Nat'l Library Week http://bit.ly/RILml

  • RT: @nytimes: Finding Utility in the Jumble of Twittered Thoughts http://bit.ly/uThw

  • New digital library at U. VA "American Founding Era Collection" provides new access to Founding Fathers' papers http://bit.ly/7xDR2

  • Thank you, Amazon, for reminding us why you are not a substitute for the library. Very kind of you. #amazonfail

  • RT: @dancohen: Free download of the 221 pp. proceedings of the Digital Curation 2009 meeting at UNC: http://is.gd/rOXN [PDF]

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