CLIR Papers from Symposium on Digital Scholarship

Papers have been published from the CLIR/NEH symposium "Promoting Digital Scholarship: Formulating Research Challenges in the Humanities, Social Sciences and Computation" Visit here for the symposium page and links to the papers.

Here is the list of papers:

Tools for thinking: ePhilology and Cyberinfrastructure by Gregory Crane, Alison Babeu, David Bamman, Lisa Cerrato, and Rashmi Singhal

Social Attention in the Age of the Web by Bernardo A. Huberman

The Changing Landscape of American Studies in a Global Era by Caroline Levander

Art History and the New Media; Representation and the Production of Humanistic Knowledge by Stephen Murray

A Whirlwind Tour of Automated Language Processing for the Humanities and Social Sciences by Douglas W. Oard

Information Visualization: Challenge for the Humanities by Maureen Stone

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