Virtually Attending Conferences on a Recession-Weary Budget

A couple days ago, I wrote about how I was following my colleagues at conferences via Twitter and FriendFeed. It's not only entertaining to read folks' tweets about the conference, but I also gleaned some of the better soundbites and take-away points without having to sit in a hotel conference room all day.

Today I wanted to follow-up with some additional resources that I've tracked down to help keep pace with the conversations happening at these conferences. Here are just a few:

O'Reilly's Web2.0Expo: looked like a three-day party here in NYC in September, but there's a goldmine of presentation videos and slides archived on their site.

Internet Librarian 2008: was all the way across the country in Monterey, CA, but the conference wiki provides access to speaker files, and other resources in a section titled "Tracking the Conference."

LITA 2008: put a small army of bloggers to work reviewing sessions at their annual forum. The result? Depending on how quickly you read, an entire three-day conference can be consumed in a little more than an hour.

I know that conferences are more than 50% about networking and getting some face-time with our peers and mentors. That's a given. But the simple fact is that until we've perfected the technology to accurately simulate the conference experience virtually, we're going to have to pick-and-choose which events get the best bang for our buck.

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