Monterey and Cleveland via Twitter and FriendFeed

I didn't make the trip to Internet Librarian 2008. While recent cold snap in NYC and a seeming exodus of so many of my online librarian friends to Monterey are making me wish I was in California, I'm living vicariously through Twitter and FriendFeed. Mind you, not all of the conversation is going to be the erudite, on-topic discussion you'd be getting if you were actually there to add your voice to the conversation. You'll be treated to comments about people's happy hour spots, dinner choices, and the usual Twitter static, but there's plenty to take away from the rest. Head to the conference in your browser by pointing it to the FriendFeed room or at Twitter.

But don't stop there! Several librarians (at least one from NY that I know of) are tweeting from the Public Library Association Boot Camp in Cleveland. Follow them here. Any other conferences we should be following right now? Share in the comments below. 

Tags: techMETRO