Thomson-Reuters Takes Aim at Zotero

Zoterosm In a move that will surely engender goodwill and happy unicorns among librarians worldwide, Thomson-Reuters has fired a $10 million warning shot across the bow of -- get this -- academics at George Mason University. Dan Cohen and his crew in the Center for History and New Media at GMU recently released a new version of Zotero, the popular open source bibliographic software tool that allows academics to cite, share, and tag resources they find online. The response, in addition to a growing community of scholarly users worldwide, was a lawsuit from Thomeson-Reuters suggesting that GMU has reverse-engineered EndNote, T-R's proprietary bibliographic software. The crux of the injunction seems to be that Zotero infringes upon Thomson-Reuters EndNote product by allowing users to convert EndNotes proprietary .ens files to Zotero's freely distributable .csl files -- claiming that GMU reverse-engineered EndNote to create Zotero. 

via GMU Sued for Zotero

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