Fourth Installment of Code4Lib Journal

The new issue of the Code4Lib Journal has just been published online. It's at the top of my reading list for this afternoon (or whenever I can find some free time). This journal is a must-read not only for coders and developers in libraries, but also those of us who are interested in looking under the hood of what makes so much of the technology that we take for granted run. You won't understand everything, but if we only read about things we know, how would we learn anything? Here's the table of contents for the new issue. Dive in!

Code4Lib Editorial Introduction — Issue 4
Ken Varnum

Auto-Populating an ILL form with the Serial Solutions Link Resolver API
Daniel Talsky

Mining Data from ISI Web of Science® Reports
Alfred Kraemer

Unveiling Jangle: Untangling Library Resources and Exposing them through the Atom Publishing Protocol
Ross Singer and James Farrugia

LibraryH3lp: A New Flexible Chat Reference System
Pam Sessoms and Eric Sessoms

OpenBook WordPress Plugin: Open Source Access to Bibliographic Data
John Miedema

The Library Search Engine: A Smart Solution for Integrating Resources Beyond Library Holdings
Karin Herm and Sibylle Volz

BOOK REVIEW: Two Books about FRBR, Compared
Christine Schwartz

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