Opening Up.

0262033712f30 MIT Press, with support from The Carnegie Endowment for the Advancement of Teaching, has just released a book that looks to be a must-read for librarians involved in or interested in open access issues. Opening Up Education: The Collective Advancement of Education through Open Technology, Open Content, and Open Knowledge is available for purchase or free online as an iPaper or a PDF -- all under a Creative Commons license. Editors Toru Iiyoshi and M. S. Vijay Kumar have assembled an impressive group of thinkers to discuss the wide-ranging issues that occur at the intersections of openness, new technologies, scholarship, and education. It sounds like a 30k-foot approach, but the Foreword from John Seely Brown touches on how we might ground our analyses, "In the spirit of sharing and participation, how might we start to instrument our learningscapes and to start collecting massive amounts of data about what is working and what is not and why. Consider OCW. There may well be millions of students using this material, but we need to ask what we’re learning from them." Indeed, this work comes at a time where openness movements have reached a point of maturity where we can begin to ask and direct how they will further develop.

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