Code4LibNYC and Digitization at METRO

It's the beginning of a pretty busy season for us here at METRO, and I'm pretty excited about some of the developments we have brewing.

Last week marked the first meeting of the Code4LibNYC chapter, convening under the umbrella of Special Interest Groups (SIGs) hosted by METRO. According to the conveners, this new group aspires to "provide a forum where library technologists can share information about library technology and discuss their current projects ... [it] is open to all library staff interested in the coding, deployment, and design of library software, systems, and web services." The group of 25+ met for a series of lightning talks and general discussion about the direction this new chapter/SIG will be taking over the course of the next series of meetings (approximately 4 per year). Notes from this first meeting are already posted on the Code4LibNYC SIG wiki.

On Tuesday, METRO will be hosting the a re-convening of the Digitization SIG at 5pm at the METRO Training Center (57 E. 11). After an extended hiatus, new conveners are "getting the band back together" to, once again, provide a venue for information and best practices sharing on all aspects of digitization in libraries. Read more about the group's history and sign up for the mailing list here.

Both of these mark what I see to be a renewed commitment at METRO to provide resources and catalysts for bringing together bright librarians who are tackling some of the big issues and opportunities our libraries are facing.

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