Wednesday Workhack: techMETRO services

My position here as the Emerging Technologies Manager is still being defined, but one theme underlies all the work I do here: I am a sort of public servant working for the diverse membership of the Metropolitan New York Library Council. To that end, this blog is intended as one tool to meet those needs, and seems a suitable point of discussion for the Wednesday Workhack.

Now that we're a little more than a month into this blog, I thought it made sense to lay out some of the services I intend to deliver here. I really envision techMETRO as a go-to resource for all things related to emerging technologies and digitization in libraries. Lofty...and ultimately impractical, right? We'll see about that. Here's what we have lined up so far:

  • Content: I'll be doing my best to balance entries here to cover both digitization and emerging technologies. Although I won't make it here, there's an argument to be made for the blurring of our distinctions between emerging technologies and the recent (but rich, nonetheless) tradition of digital collections. Hopefully we'll be fleshing that argument out right here.
  • Compendium: I'm using delicious to tag resources with a simple taxonomy geared to make it easy to find certain types of resources, experts in particular areas, vendors, and more. The working taxonomy can be viewed here, and the delicious library can be viewed here. Add us to your network!
  • Calendar: I'm also maintaining a calendar featuring local, national, and global conferences, CFPs, events, workshops, and the like. View the calendar here or using the link to the right. You may also add the techMETRO calendar to your own Gmail calendar.
  • Connections: I see tremendous potential in connecting the seemingly infinite pockets of creativity, ingenuity, and outright brilliance in the library community in the greater metropolitan NY area. This blog is just one way I'd like to help make those connections. Leave comments. Suggest events for the calendar. Send me links to projects and people that you think more of us should know about. You can always reach me at jkucsma_at_metro_dot_org.
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