Listening in the Library: The Conversation Prism

We're in the business of meeting our communities' information needs, but how do we discover or even anticipate those needs in an increasingly mediated world? We can talk all day about meeting our users where they are, which is inarguably easier said than done. But we might take a cue from Brian Solis's "Conversation Prism" to begin to truly understand how and where people are creating, retrieving, and sharing information.

While this is primarily couched in public relations or branding terms, there are still takeaways here for us as libraries. We still need to anticipate and exceed "customer" expectations. We still need to market our services. And we still need to consistently develop new ways to do both. According to Solis, 

Conversations are taking place with or without you and this map will help you visualize the potential extent and pervasiveness of the online conversations that can impact and influence your business and brand. As a communications or service professional, you'll find yourself at the center of the prism - whether you're observing, listening or participating.


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