And introducing....

Welcome to the inaugural post of what I hope will be long-running and useful resource for librarians that I work for here in NYC and around the world. All grandiose expectations aside, I really just want to be able to join in on and help amplify what I think are really exciting conversations about the ways new technologies are revolutionizing the way we -- as librarians, archivists, curators, and people -- seek, interact with, and repurpose information. 

But who am I to lay claim to a seat at this table? Let me tell you a little bit about me before we jump into this blog proper. My interest in libraries was piqued back in 1998 when I was fortunate enough to work in the Browne Popular Culture Library and the Music Library and Sound Recording Archives at Bowling Green State University where I was working on a master's degree in American Culture Studies.

Before graduation, though, I launched a nationally distributed magazine (Clamor) and founded a conference for independent media makers (Allied Media Conference). With those plates spinning, I spent the next 7 or 8 years working as a magazine publisher and media organizer before deciding to go back and work on the MLS at the School of Information Resources and Library Science at the University of Arizona -- my "Plan B" from those earlier years. While there, I supplemented the traditional information resources and library science curriculum with work in digital libraries. I was also able to supplement my work with a seat on the advisory committee for my program's Digital Information Management program -- an IMLS-funded program in which I am currently enrolled part-time.

On May 12, I came on here at the Metropolitan New York Library Council as the Emerging Technologies Manager. The position is a new one that combines past responsibilities of the Digital Services Manager (primarily managing and expanding METRO's Digitization Grants Program) with wrangling the simultaneously omnipresent and elusive concept of "emerging technologies" and what they mean to our members. According to the posting for my position, the Emerging Technologies Manager will: 

... strengthen and improve METRO's web presence and interactive capabilities with its membership using Web 2.0 tools and other emerging technologies, and  explore existing and emerging Library 2.0 technologies and their application to library services with METRO members...

I'm game. I hope you are, too. Let's do this. 

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